Nonie Malone

Nonie Malone is Director of Foresight Consulting Pty Ltd.  She has considerable experience in the management of public policy within the Queensland Government and beyond.  She has exceptional skill in coordinating, developing and communicating policy to achieve effective outcomes.

Nonie has an excellent record in turning complex problems into effective action through: planning and executing reviews and evaluations of public policies and programs, statutory bodies and their establishing legislation;  developing and evaluating social and economic policy;  negotiating and coordinating intergovernmental policy and financial matters; and driving public agency planning, budgeting, reporting and performance.

Nonie’s policy expertise covers innovation, economic and regional development, coordinated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy, home schooling, non-state education, higher education, infrastructure, intergovernmental financial relations, governance of agencies, and parliamentary committees.

Nonie has qualifications in public sector management, political science, economics, and applied finance.  She is an active contributor to public sector professional organisations, and has for some years been the Chair of the Australasian Study of Parliament Group – Queensland, bringing together parliamentarians, academics and members of the media to research and discuss our Westminster parliamentary system of government.

In 2011 and 2012 she co-designed and co-delivered the new Practical Policy course for the School of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Queensland.  She also delivered, with Peter Bridgman, a range of policy skills training programs throughout Australasia.



P:  +61 412 023 209


Peter Bridgman

Peter Bridgman, Director - Decisive Consultants, is a skilled consultant providing expert services and advice in public policy,corporate governance and ethics and integrity issues. Peter specialises in complex decision making, especially where a large number of factors come to bear on how decisions are made.  

He has over 25 years experience designing real, workable solutions for government and business. He has a track record tackling tough problems and making ideas into reality.

 He is qualified in law, psychology and training and assessment and brings unique experiences at the highest levels of major organisations.

 Peter has worked in developing innovative solutions for clients in child protection, the environment, natural resource management, water, fisheries, health, transport, biosecurity, human rights, transport, higher education, corporate governance, ethics and integrity, and international education. more.. 


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