Policy Skills, a collaboration between Foresight Consulting Pty Ltd and Decisive Consultants, provides practical policy skills training for government agencies, government bodies and universities.  

We work with agencies, work units and individuals to strengthen their capacity to develop and implement innovative policies.  We deliver specific programs tailored to agency needs and general programs catering to a wide range of bodies and policy officers.

Programs are for:

  • Senior policy leaders (levels EL/SO – SES and equivalent)
  • Policy managers (APS 5-6, AO6-8 and equivalent)
  • Policy officers  (APS 3-6, AO4-8 and equivalent)
  • University undergraduates and graduates aspiring to policy roles.
We address all areas of policy capability, including:
  • Obtaining and analysing relevant and useful evidence (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Effective stakeholder engagement
  • Effective communication and coordination skills for multi-agency cooperation
  • Policy solutions analysis
  • Managing within the policy authorising environment
  • Establishment of sound governance arrangements to enable delivery of high-level strategic advice
  • Understanding  and managing the critical success factors for effective policy implementation
  • Managing the transition from policy approval to implementation (including development of sound legislation)
  • Effective evaluation techniques
  • Managing constraints of time, budget and scope change



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